Own a newer Chevy, GMC, Buick, or Cadillac? Check out these apps.

Long-Range Access

Some of the features included with these apps, like the ability to lock and unlock your car and remotely start it (if equipped with remote start), are also available from the key fob. However, while you typically need to be relatively close and in sight of your car to use the key fob to, say, remotely start it, the app doesn't have those limitations; if you want, you could lock, unlock, or even start your car from hundreds of miles away. Also, what if you lock your keys in the car, but have your phone on you? Not a problem, just unlock it with the app.

Send a Destination to Your Car

Instead of writing down an address to enter into the navigation system later, you can send it to your car with the app. It lets you send addresses and points of interest to the built-in navigation system (if equipped) or the OnStar turn-by-turn navigation feature. Entering an address or search term like "gas stations" is as easy as typing it into Google Maps, with suggested results appearing as you type.

Never Forget Where You Parked

If you've ever wandered around a parking garage pressing the panic button and then listening for the honk of your car's horn, we've been there, too, and we know it isn't fun. These apps give you a few tools to lessen the odds of this happening again; you can pin the location of your car on a map, enter a note about your parking location — like what floor of the parking deck it's on — and attach a photo of your parked location.


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